Balsamic Nectarine Pork Chops

This spring has been filled with delicious meat dishes featuring fresh fruit. This particular meal was a huge hit with everyone in the house, including our 22 month old kiddo! The recipe is quite simple.

  • Bone-in pork chops
  • Nectarines (1 for each chop)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Apricot Preserves
  • Feta Cheese

Balsamic Vinegar Reduction Ingredients:
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Brown Sugar (or sweetener of your choice)

1. Slice your nectarines

2. BALSAMIC REDUCTION: If you haven't made your balsamic reduction, you can make this before you start your chops: Add 1 cup balsamic vinegar to saute pan, with 1-3 tablespoons sweetener of your choice (brown sugar, coconut sugar, or maple syrup work best). Cook down for 10 minutes (constantly stirring) until the mixture is thick enough to coat a spoon and reduced to about 1/3. Set aside ( You can keep this in the refrigerator for a week to use with other meals)...

3. Coat your deep saute pan in olive oil and bring to a sizzle, then add your pork chops. Sprinkle both sides with salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary. Fully brown both sides (about 5 minutes on each side)...

4. Add nectarines and apricot preserves (1 tablespoon per chop) cover and reduce heat to simmer for 7-10 minutes or until pork is fully cooked

5. Plate your pork chop and nectarines and let the oil settle around the chop

6. Drizzle with balsamic glaze

7. Sprinkle with feta cheese and serve with cauliflower mash