White Chocolate Strawberry Failure

So, it is rare that you see anyone post their failed attempts in the kitchen. Yet, they are so important. This is how we continue to improve! This particular failure had me in tears, because I was laughing so hard at myself! It's embarrassing, and hilarious.

I set out to make white chocolate covered strawberries. Simple, right? Well, these strawberries definitely didn't go as planned! (My husband said they came out looking like creatures of the deep).

I mean TWO ingredients: WHITE CHOCOLATE AND STRAWBERRIES -- how simple?

Here were my biggest mistakes that would have made my white chocolate strawberries much prettier.
  1. Follow a dang recipe! This would have prevented all of this. 
  2. Don't heat the white chocolate on any setting above the lowest setting on your stove top burner (trust me)...
  3. Make sure you let your strawberries dry COMPLETELY any little tiny drip of water will turn your chocolate into lumpy potato soup
  4. Don't trim the tops, leave the green -- it gives you something to hold (strawberries slide off of forks and wooden skewers quite easily)
Overall, it was hilarious and they still got eaten, plus, it was a great reminder to always laugh and have fun -- even when things don't go as we had hoped.