Introducing Toddlers to COLORS

We have had so much fun with our color learning. We wanted to be thoughtful about how we introduced our little guy to colors -- so, we did some research.

Going along with the theme of introducing ideas to toddlers in groups of three, I decided to separate the colors of the rainbow into groups of three (primary and secondary) -- this worked great! We started with the primary colors: Red, Blue and Yellow. 

We colored paper plates and labeled paper bags with the same color. Next, we found objects to put in the bags and on the plate to make a sorting game! We also collected all of the books we have about COLOR to use as supplemental material. This worked quite nicely.

After a few days of primary color learning, we introduced the secondary colors: Orange, Green, and Purple. We did the same activities for a few days with these colors.

We used all of the colors to do a lot of matching games. Our little guy loved these! His favorite turned out to be the sponges and plates. He would sort them, match them, and arrange them. This was a great time to ask him about the colors and we saw that he had started to learn them. (Asking and identifying is an easy tool to measure progress.)

While television usually isn't part of the lesson plan, we did use BabyFirst TV and the Color Crew to help him integrate the learning. Our kiddo loves this show. He would pick up the paper plates that corresponded to the chosen color for each segment. Don't be afraid to watch quality television with your kiddos to enhance your learning plans -- it works!

Coming SOON: Part TWO of our color learning plan... Have FUN!