Winter Activities for 18 Month Old Kiddos

Since we have been cooped up inside, because of the cold weather -- we have been keeping busy with some fun winter sensory activities!

  • Cotton Blizzard on Clear Contact Paper
  • Snowy Ice Foam
  • Frozen Lotion Goop
  • Rainbow Snowball Sorting
  • Finger Painting Snowflakes
  • Cotton Santa Beard

Cotton Blizzard Fun!
We taped clear contact paper to a low window and found an assortment of cotton for Sammy to arrange his own blizzard.

Snowy Ice Foam
We froze blue ice cubes and placed them in a bin a shaving cream -- he really like using the kitchen utensils with this activity!

Frozen Lotion Goop
This is super easy to make (lotion and cornstarch) and then I added some glitter! If you put it in the freezer for 10 minutes it comes out cold.

Rainbow Snowball Sorting
We did this with just colorful pompoms and a muffin tin! He loved it.

Finger Painting Snowflakes
We used masking tape to make the shape and once the finger paint dried, we just peeled the tape away.

Cotton Santa Beard
This was another take on the clear contact paper with cotton. We used a lot of Santa images so our kiddo would be able to identify Santa this year -- it worked!

We had a wonderful time with these winter sensory activities!!