Lunar New Year Ideas for the Family

We celebrated Chinese New Year this year, and everyone really enjoyed themselves! I wanted to share some of the activities we did as a family.

Since this year (2015) is the year of the ram, we all sat down together and made our own ram masks. Our toddler loved that the whole family was participating in craft time with him!

We also had a wishing tree, which everyone loved! We just found a branch and red ribbon so everyone could take turns adding their ribbon to the tree while the made a wish.

We also had Hong Bao (red envelopes) with lucky money. This is always a hit!

Our toddler loved playing with Chinese fans, his lucky dragon, and mandarin oranges for sensory play! We also had Lunar New Year themed coloring sheets all week.

Other items on the list included:
  • A delicious Chinese feast
  • Sparklers
  • Reading or movie time (we watched Sam and the Lucky Money)
  • Time to read historical facts about the Chinese New Year celebration

Gong Xi Fat Chai!