Five Ribbon Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Here are FIVE ways to have fun with ribbon and your one-year-old kiddo!

Make a Ribbon Pull Toy
Great for developing fine motor skills

Find a colorful box that can be sealed and punch holes with a knife to thread the ribbon through.

Make a Ribbon Crawl Through Box
Playing like this is great for developing gross motor skills

You can make any theme you's like! Here is an ocean crawl through box with ribbon seaweed...

Make Ribbon Window Catchers
Excellent for fine motor development

Use clear contact paper and ribbon pieces. Let your little one place the ribbon pieces on the sticky surface to create a masterpiece!

Make Ribbon Rings for Dancing and Running
Great for gross motor development

Just tie the ribbon to the rings and play!

Unraveling Ribbon!
This can help develop both gross and fine motor skills

Don't forget to play some nice music while you play and dance!