Fish Learning Plan for 16 Month Old Kiddos

This month we learned the word FISH.  We created a learning plan for our 16 month old kiddo, and by the end of the month, our little one could successfully identify a fish!

Learning Activities
  • Fish Magnets
  • Crawl Through Aquarium
  • Fish Sensory Gel Bags
  • Fish Felt Board
  • Fish Videos and Images
  • Digital Aquarium Time (With Bubbles and Ribbon)
  • Paper Fish Play
  • Fish and Ocean Books

Art Projects
  • Water Painting
  • Fish Sticker Art

Interactive Field Trip
  • New Family Fish from Pet Smart

Learning Activities

Fish Magnets: made with coloring sheets, contact paper, magnets
We used these all month on the fridge and cookie sheets we could bring with us anywhere!

Crawl Through Aquarium: made with cardboard box, ribbon, colored paper
We played with his fish animals and he loved the ribbon seaweed!

Sensory Gel Bags: made with soap, ziplock baggies, coated paper and plastic fish, duct tape
These were great because they were also scented from the soap!

Fish Felt Board: made with felt and tagboard
Sammy loves felt boards, so I made an aquarium felt scene for him!

Fish Videos and Images
The Hooplakidz videos are always a HUGE hit!

Paper Fish Play: I found fish cutouts at the Dollar Tree
These are great for counting!

Fish Books
There are so many wonderful board books for kiddos about fish -- we found so many! You can even rent some from your local library.

Digital Aquarium Time with Bubbles and Ribbon
We found a few digital aquarium channels on the ROKU. We played with bubbles and ribbons and pretended to be fish!

Art Projects

Water Painting
We used water and paper to make a mess friendly art project, you can see the water absorb into the paper. This is a great way to introduce kiddos to paint brushes!

Fish Sticker Art
Sticker art is always popular in our house! Stickers are great for fine motor development.

Interactive Field Trip

Baby's First Fish from the Pet Store
He loved looking at all of the colorful fish!

Now he gets to help feed his fish everyday!

This was one of my favorite learning plans ever! The activities and repetition are so great for development at this age.