Butterfly Learning Plan for 14 Month Old Kiddos

It can be difficult to develop a "lesson plan" for a 14 month old. We wanted to have structured learning time, which is basically fun activities and crafts concentrated around a centralized theme. This month was butterfly month, and by the end of the month the word BUTTERFLY became part of our kiddo's "listening vocabulary". Here are the activities we integrated into our butterfly learning plan...

Butterfly Art

  • Butterfly sticker art
  • Butterfly window catcher
  • Butterfly coloring sheets

Butterfly Sticker Art
cardboard butterfly stickers on stock paper

Butterfly Window Catcher
clear contact paper (sticky side up) with card stock border with cut ribbon pieces

Butterfly Coloring Sheets
you can download these from Google images

Learning Activities
  • Butterfly cards
  • Butterfly books
  • Butterfly images
  • Butterfly videos
  • Foam butterflies
  • Butterfly pillow
  • Butterfly songs

We did many of these activities everyday. Don't be afraid of repetition!

Butterfly Cards and Books
the cards are made from coloring sheets on card stock, covered in clear contact paper

Foam Butterflies
you can buy these at any craft store

Butterfly Pillow
I found this at TJ Maxx, it was a huge hit!

Interactive Field Trip

The Butterfly Garden at Tennessee Aquarium
Check your area to see if you have any butterfly gardens near you! It was so much fun!

It was so rewarding to see him begin to recognize butterflies because of our learning activities! Next we will learn APPLE (though we will continue to review and play with butterflies).