Apple Learning Plan for 15 Month Old

This APPLE learning plan was so much fun for my 15 month old. Within two weeks he could identify a real and animated apple. We started having our "structured activity time" after his second nap, and the timing worked quite nicely. Here is the overview of our APPLE learning activities for September:

Learning Activities:

Apple Play: counting, placing in basket, sensory, fine motor
Materials: apples, basket

Apple Cards, Online Images, and Videos: matching, looking, comparing
Materials: laptop, images, videos, card stock, contact paper

Apple Books and Apple Timer Play: counting, listening, visuals
Materials: apples timer, counting books with apples

Picking Velcro Apples: fine motor, sensory, visual
Materials: felt apples (sewn like pillows) velcro, colored tag-board, tape

Peeling Apples with Mommy: fine motor, texture, sensory
Materials: apples, apple peeler, plastic container

Apple Snacks: tasting!
Materials: yummy sauteed apples (recipe)

Be sure they are soft and easy to cut into bite size pieces!

Art Activities:

Worms on an Apple Sticky Art
Materials: yarn, paper, contact paper, tape

Apple Stickers on Tree
Materials: paper apple tree, apple stickers, contact paper

Apple Coloring Sheets
Materials: coloring sheets, crayons

Interactive Field Trip:

Picking APPLES in the orchard!


I wanted to remind all mommies that a lot of these activities will only keep a 15 month old's interest for a few minutes at a time. The most we have ever gotten out of a single activity is 30 minutes! We repeat the learning activities A LOT! The repetition is fun for him, because he starts recognizing patterns.